American Fiddle Method, Volume 2




Beginner/Intermediate Value Pack Save 30%

Volume 1 Book/CD

Intermediate Tunes and Techniques

American Fiddle Method, Volume 2 continues building on the solid foundation of Volume 1. This book covers fundamental techniques that allow fiddle players to play any kind of music well and teaches over two dozen classic fiddle tunes from a number of genres. The play-along CD features a top-notch band. 64 page book & 60 minute CD read reviews

  • 27 Intermediate tunes
  • Tricks for Playing in Tune
  • Secrets for Good Tone
  • Fluid Bowing
  • Rhythmic slur combinations
  • Playing in flatted keys
  • Jamming skills
  • Backup and Chops
  • Exciting Endings
  • Powerful Double Stops
  • Fourth Finger Drones
  • Cool artwork
  • Classical violin friendly
  • Practice tips
  • Guitar chords and lyrics
  • Toe-tapping play along CD

Learn these classic fiddle tunes

  1. Eighth of January
  2. Liberty
  3. St. Anne’s Reel
  4. Spotted Pony
  5. Cuckoo’s Nest
  6. Old Joe Clark
  7. Soldier’s Joy
  8. Swallowtail Jig
  9. June Apple
  10. Fisher’s Hornpipe
  11. Liza Jane
  12. Arkansas
  13. Devil’s Dream
  14. Westphalia Waltz
  15. Ragtime Annie
  16. Golden Anniversary Waltz
  17. Big John McNeal
  18. Star of the County Down
  19. Benny’s Favorite
  20. Marie Clare
  21. Bernard the Butterfly
  22. Flop-eared Mule
  23. Swampwalk
  24. Don’t Come Home, Johnny
  25. Forked Deer
  26. Jolie Blonde
  27. Big Walleye Blues

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Volume 2 DVD

Intermediate Tunes and TechniquesAmerican Fiddle Method Vol. 2 DVD

Brian is widely regarded as one of the top fiddle teachers in the country. He shares his knowledge in this DVD supplement to his critically acclaimed American Fiddle Method, Volume 2. Brian’s video instruction is like a private lesson and demonstrates visually techniques that are difficult to get across in a book. He continues and expands the skills introduced in Volume 1 and shares his pointers and shortcuts to help you learn to play the right stuff faster and better. Nearly two hours of instruction! 118 minute DVD read reviews

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Volume 2 SET Book/CD/DVD

Intermediate Tunes and TechniquesAmerican Fiddle Method Volume 2 SET

Everything an intermediate fiddler needs!

64 page book, 60 minute CD, and 118 minute DVD

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