American Fiddle Method: Canadian Fiddle Styles

–By Brian Wicklund and April Verch

american fiddle method canadian fiddle stylesExpert fiddlers Brian Wicklund and Canadian fiddle master April Verch team up to delve into the dynamic world of Canadian fiddling for the American Fiddle Method. April is among the busiest fiddlers in Canada. Her inspired fans have long clamored for her instruction. This highly anticipated intermediate-level book explores Canada’s rich fiddle music tranditions including Old Time Canadian, French Canadian, Cape Breton and Métis. More than just a collection of great Canadian fiddle tunes, this book demystifies common ornaments and bowing patterns used in Canadian fiddling. The authors teach the simple melody to reels, jigs, hornpipes, waltzes, schottisches, airs and strathspeys and demonstrate how to create variations using the skills in the book. The play-along CD accompanying the book is great listening. 80 page book + 60 minute CD

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Learn these classic Canadian fiddle tunes:

  1. On the Road to Bostonbrian wicklund april verch american fiddle method canadian fiddle styles fiddlepal explore seriesapril verch brian wicklund american fiddle method canadian fiddle styles fiddlepal explore series
  2. Good Neighbor Waltz
  3. Andy's Jig
  4. Whalen's Breakdown
  5. Hi-Lo Schottische
  6. Heel and Toe Polka
  7. Waltz Quadrille
  8. Jonah's First Change
  9. By the Fireside
  10. Maggie Cameron's
  11. Seven Step
  12. Londonderry Hornpipe
  13. Walking Up Town
  14. Memories of Father MacDonald
  15. Silver and Gold Two-Step
  16. The Old Red Barn
  17. Valse Clog
  18. Swamplake Breakdown
  19. Black Velvet Waltz
  20. Old French
  21. King of the Fairies
  22. Patronella
  23. Joys of Wedlock
  24. Minstrel's Fancy
  25. Arcand-saw Traveler
  26. Birch Hills Waltz
  27. Little Burnt Potato
  28. le Bonhomme et la Bonne Femme